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The body has a consciousness and creativity of its own, one that goes mostly unnoticed and unwitnessed.

This project was born out of my frustration that dance and movement photography more often than not emphasised fit bodies, technical skill and aesthetic form. What moves me is the sense of vitality and dynamicism that emanates from the body when a person is comfortable in their own skin. And this is a phenomenon that occurs regardless of skill, shape or fitness level.

For this process, I guide each model into deeper and deeper states of connection with their body. I myself am not looking through the camera lens. When a person is in union with their body and together they allow an expression of that union to manifest through movement, a charge fills the air. Every time I sense that charge, I click the shutter. These images are the result.

Not every model is a trained mover. But every one of them, and every body, is capable of movement and of moving those of us who take the time to look.

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