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Soma: Body (New Latin, Greek)

Sense: 1. A feeling that something is the case

       2. A faculty by which one perceives

Private Sessions

I work with you on your personal goals. You may be recovering from injury or surgery, working through emotional disorders that are manifesting physically, improving your athletic performance or just looking for general wellness. I will help you identify what your body needs from you and develop the tools you need to meet them.

Group Classes

These are classes offered through Zoom where we create a collective space for our bodies to talk to us, then explore ways to be in dialogue with our bodies. We might move, we might meditate or we might have a discussion. As we attune to our bodies, we also discover the various connections that exist within us.

If you're unsure whether this is right for you or if you have any reservations or questions you'd like to discuss before committing to a session, please feel free to reach out to me. I'll be happy to have a conversation with you and if necessary invite you for a free consultation session.

SomaSense is short for somatic sensing. It's what I'm calling my way of practising somatic work and healing. I created this term not out of a desire to create my own brand or methodology, but out of a recognition that there is a need to show respect to the various other modalities that inspired me as my teaching begins to depart from their frameworks.

I am interested in helping people figure out the tools they need to relate to their bodies, to really listen to the opinions of the body and be in dialogue with them. This results in insights like, "It feels like my body wants to exercise today," rather than, "I need to exercise today because it's good for my body". Think of the difference between a couple that gets along because they're constantly engaged in activities together, and a couple that is constantly in authentic communication with each other. It's an important difference.

The approach incorporates my knowledge and understanding of various movement modalities, energy work methods and inner work concepts. This currently includes Taichi, Yoga, Tantra, The GYROKINESIS® Method, martial arts, Reiki, Qigong, Parts Work, Shadow Work and various other space-holding techniques.

We create safety for the body to bring things to our attention. Then we address those things and, if possible, meet the underlying needs of our bodies. Along the way we also make space for any difficulties we have around the things our bodies tell us. We figure out how to hold both the pain of our bodies' unmet needs and our inability to meet them. We make compromises, set boundaries, and get clear on what we need to slowly progress towards a healthy relationship with our bodies.

SomaSense is an emerging work. I'm delighted to invite you to be part of the process!

What is SomaSense...

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