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What the Universe is up to matters little if you can't perceive it.

I see Tarot, divination and other intuitive arts as tools of empathy. I try not to read too prophetically and instead focus on what you might be experiencing as you go through your present phase of life. This includes what you might be consciously and subconsciously feeling, how you may or may not be affected by the people and circumstances around you as well as things that may be lurking in your blindspots. 

I offer both remote and in-person readings, bookings for parties and events, as well as introductory classes.

Reading for February 2023

King of Cups.jpg

King of Cups (Reversed)
Water - Emotions

Loss of Emotional Stability

2-High Priestess

High Priestess

Major - Cosmic

Inner Mystery & Magic


Eight of Wands

Fire - Energy


February will be a destabilising month.


The King of Cups is a Zen master. He possesses a mastery over emotional processes, not just for himself but for his community as well. In this case, he is reversed. This does not necessarily mean that there will be emotional turmoil, just that whatever emotional status quo or processes we have achieved will be difficult to access. This could mean that the coping mechanisms we usually rely on somehow do not seem to be working, or that the people around us do not seem to be responding to our emotions the way they usually do. We may also experience inexplicable bursts of emotions, where we wake up just kind of feeling off.

The High Priestess calls for us to spend time sitting with the strangeness of things. She sits on the moon, which illuminates the mysteries hidden within the darkness of night. She also holds a dowsing pendulum, which symbolises a search for truth, and a pomegrenate, which symbolies birth and fertility. Just as the erratic ripples behind her have a strange beauty to them, there is wisdom hidden in the strangeness of this month. If we take the effort to gaze into the strangeness, we will come to a better understanding of our inner mysteries and be better at tapping into our own magic. 


This process will come swiftly and powerfully. Just as the newspapers in the Eight of Wands flutter up, events will come at us quickly. This may be good news to those of us who find slower rhythms arduous. It can also be overwhelming for those of us who prefer having ample space to process things. Either way, try to accept things as they come and find a flow within the tides of life.

We will likely not find ourselves making too many dramatic changes this month, that is not the point. More than anything, the destabilisation of our status quo is an opportunity for us to understand ourselves. Whether we have been feeling stuck and find relief in the shifts, or resent the disturbance to our established structures, we will serve ourselves best by introspecting on how these shifts affect us rather than rushing to new solutions.

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