What the Universe is up to matters little if you can't perceive it.

I see Tarot, divination and other intuitive arts as tools of empathy. I try not to read too prophetically and instead focus on what you might be experiencing as you go through your present phase of life. This includes what you might be consciously and subconsciously feeling, how you may or may not be affected by the people and circumstances around you as well as things that may be lurking in your blindspots. 

I offer both remote and in-person readings, bookings for parties and events, as well as introductory classes.

Reading for October 2022


Seven of Wands
Fire - Energy

Protective defensiveness



Major - Cosmic

Acting to create fairness


Eight of Cups

Water - Emotions

Introspective isolation

As the seasons change, we will experience the shift in many different ways. Our energy levels may drop from days getting shorter. We might find it challenging if we're trying to maintain the pace and intensity we've adjusted to over the summer, or if we're in a school or work environment that won't let us slow down.

There might be an urge to be defensive of ourselves. It is healthy and good to protect the things that are precious to us, even if that sometimes involves conflict with others. Advocating for ourselves may require pointing out things to others that they might find difficult to hear. Judgement will be useful during this period.

However, bear in mind that judgement is also a reflection of ourselves. Notice where we are able to judge with kindness and where we can't help but judge harshly. It's the things we judge harshly that hint at a wound within ourselves, a pain that makes tolerance, understanding and kindness difficult. This is true even if the people around us accept our harshness as justified.


As we step into potential conflict to advocate for ourselves, use it as an opportunity for true introspection. It will ultimately lead us to an expanded brightness within ourselves.